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How to be Safe

Kids, we can only imagine how exciting the internet is for you but remember:
The internet is permanent – anything you post online will be there forever, even if you delete it.
Here are a few tips to help you be safe when using the internet:


  • Never give out personal details like your name, address or telephone number.
  • Remember anything you post online instantly becomes public property so the cute photo of you posing with your friend over a pizza can not only be seen by others but also downloaded, saved and used for other purposes.
  • Keep your privacy settings as high as possible and screen who is allowed to view your posts.
  • Don’t befriend anyone you don’t know in real life and never meet someone you have only met online. From time to time check these settings as social media platforms at times reset the settings.
  • Have a safe person to speak to about internet content. If you see something online that makes you uncomfortable or are unsure about someone’s online behaviour towards you, make sure you have an adult to turn to for guidance and support.
  • Be kind. When posting or commenting online treat others as you would like to be treated. Don’t gang up with others against anyone, ridicule other people’s posts or photos. Find out more here.
  • Always remember the online world is a filter – people’s lives may appear to be perfect or ideal but the reality is everyone picks and chooses what they post online to make themselves look or feel better. Don’t let this get you down, treat the internet and online world like you would a good TV show by enjoying it but make a difference between what is written online and the real world.
  • If you see something that upsets you or you need to speak to someone confidentially call 179 and report the website or go here .

5 Facts for Digital Safety


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Fact 1

Share Safely

Fact 2

Make Sure they’re Real Friends

Fact 3

Ask First

Fact 4

Be Nice to Others

Fact 5

Talk to Someone